Saturday, February 18, 2012

Call for investigation

Ohio Congressional candidate calls for GMO investigation of Monsanto
By Karl Dickey,
West Palm Beach Libertarian Examiner
February 17, 2012

Richard C. Ehrbar III, a Libertarian candidate for congress in Ohio’s newly formed third district has released yet another stance that challenges mainstream republicans and democrats.

While speaking to a group of liberty activists on Ohio State’s Columbus campus, Ehrbar called for a congressional investigation into the controversial genetically modified crop, genetically altered seed, and herbicide producer Monsanto, citing multitudes of health issues that have been reported and analyzed by leading experts in the health and agricultural community.

“Republicans and democrats, especially President Obama, won’t stand up to Monsanto, but Monsanto must be investigated now, and after, depending on the conclusions, could face potential prosecution.”

Ehrbar cited studies that included a plethora of health issues: “Numerous studies are finding that genetically modified crops are more than likely the cause of infertility in animals, umbilical cord deformities, fatalities, obesity, sudden psychological disorders, miscarriages, seizures, and the list goes on. The most important place for us to look for harm is in the digestive tract. Everything goes from there”.

Monsanto has faced increasing scrutiny in the agricultural community, and as more countries around the world are becoming aware of the health concerns its products inspire, America could be next to follow suit.

“Peru, Germany, Hungary, and Ireland have taken a bold stand against Monsanto; and now, Boulder, Colorado has utilized rational faculty in banning them. We have also received word that on March 31, Judge Naomi Buchwald of the Southern District Court of New York will decide whether a lawsuit filed by roughly 300,000 farmers will go to trial. I stand with the farmers. The time is now to kick them out of the entire country. Our health and that of our children and the next generation depend on it.”

In order for that to happen, Ehrbar outlined a three step plan which he defined as “just the beginning” of the End Monsanto movement in the halls of congress:

  • Bring together leading experts to exhaustively testify before congress as to the potentially harmful impacts of Monsanto products
  • Bring in Monsanto executives and scientists to testify and to give the chance to refute the findings of health, science, and agricultural experts
  • Mandate that all current genetically modified products are clearly labeled

“Congress must act to mandate that all genetically modified products are honestly labeled, no deception. Then, after all parties testify, congress should review the findings and immediately draft legislation that would ban all genetically modified crop products in the country. If the findings are severe enough, parties should move to prosecute and seek financial compensation. This process is just the beginning of the movement that is necessary.”

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